“In the future, there will be
an era in which anyone can easily and quickly implement 3D printing for whatever they imagine.

FAB365’s goal is to create the most high quality 3D model to satisfy the customer’s needs of 3D printing where they can print 3D models anywhere and anytime in the world.

FAB365 will willingly invite an outstanding designer to meet customer’s needs and we are willing to pay one the high value from all around the world. FAB365 will create an environment where a 3D designer can constantly produce the high quality design and a 3D printing user can enjoy the high quality design at a reasonable price. And eventually, FAB365 will grow as a platform where a user and designer can interact actively to communicate with each other.

With the advent of 3D printing, a new era has arrived where an individual can be able to freely use their creativity. In fact, over the past 10 years, many 3D designers have attempted for fun experiments, thereby many works have been created and shared freely. Moreover, due to the cheap and mass production of 3D printers, a totally new era is opening now. To dive into this new era, FAB365 is going to be the epicenter of this change and want to grow as a leader in 3D printer contents.

We've been experimenting over the years to find a design that will satisfy our 3D printer user demand. In the process, we gained vast amounts of information and high-level design know-how, and we knew what design our customers wanted. The differentiated designs of FAB365 were born through this process, and we will continue to develop content and invest in technology to be loved by thousands of users around the world in the future.

Service with the most items
that users want

We are creating items that users most want through analysis
of the characteristics of early adopters using 3D printing and
big data of 3D models around the world. In addition, through active communication with users such as requesting items and solving printing problems, we will constantly release the items that users want the most.

Leading technology
in 3D model design

We will build technical know-how and design ability to design content that prints well not only for the most popular FDM, but also for multicolor printers, DLP printers, and metal printers.
And based on these technologies, we want to become the best company in the world in creating designs optimized
for 3D printing.

A platform where
the top 3D designers participate

We will help 3D designers from all over the world sell
their great 3D models on our platform. Users can purchase
great quality 3D models at reasonable prices, and 3D designers have the opportunity to sell their designs worldwide.


"Users from over 200 countries
around the world
are 3D printing
with the design of FAB365."

Although FAB365 was started in South Korea, it is now establishing itself as a global service
used by more than 140,000 people in 200 countries around the world. In particular,
users from the advanced 3D printing countries such as the US, UK, and France download content every day,
and the high-satisfaction reviews show high trust in FAB365.

200 countries,
140,000 users

Currently, more than 140,000 registered users in 200 countries around the world are enjoying the best 3D printing content of FAB365. We have about 100k Instagram subscribers and about 130k YouTube subscribers.

Triple growth
every year

The number of FAB365 users worldwide is growing rapidly and has tripled annually since 2018.

Internationally recognized
and highly praised

by 3D printing
Youtube channels

3D printing YouTube channels from around the world, such as 3D Printing Nerd (580k), Uncle Jessi (413k),
WildRoseBuilds (112k), Break'n'Makes (70k), who have voluntarily introduced and praised the design of FAB365.

3D Printing Nerd


"The experts who know 3D models very well,
who are only crazy about 3D printing and people
who use 3D printing the most,
are constantly researching together
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