About us

About us

Premium e-Product
Marketplace for 3D Printing

FAB365 is e-Product Marketplace for 3D printing. FAB365’s e-Product is a product of data, and user can download his desired e-product in service and print it by 3D printer at any time. From the service, consumer can meet directly the new style of product specialized for 3D printing whose distribution process is minimized, and the product designer can present his design directly to the consumer without the payment of expensive mold production, product development and investment cost.

Our Philosophy

3D printing all for designer
and consumer

What is the reason that is hard to find the well-made contents for 3D printing? We sell lifestyle product available in real life. Many people say that the time of 3D printing is arrived, but looking around here and there, there is little data of great product design that people want to print with 3D printer. We not only manufacture the data of design optimized for 3D printing, but also sell a wonderful and unique product that will dignify your lifestyle.

Why cannot the product designers receive royalty? We hope that the product designer could receive a good royalty without a big budget. We hope that designers could sell the product to many world people with their creative design that they are hardly thinkable due to mold cost. We hope that all the world product designers could make lots of earnings with their design data. This is the reason why we want to make 3D printing platform for designers.