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3D Printing Model Marketplace

with global users from
over 150 countries.

FAB365 is a 3D design platform
that provides various kinds of 3D models
with great design and high level quality

to people who enjoy 3D printing.

Have you ever been stressed from difficult and complicated printing from a 3D printer you purchased, or had a hard time finding the right data so you failed in printing? 3D models at FAB365 have innovative design and high quality which is a whole new level from other free datas that are shared.

We target the best quality with satisfying printouts from different kinds of most typical 3d printers with proven design data. Experience a new level of 3D printing through FAB365 high quality contents.

High quality design of FAB365.

Easy and fun
foldable design

With FAB365’s model, the shape is complete after simply folding it just like origami.


A foldable design, that can be folded at once instantly to complete it after 3D printing, is the representative design of FAB365, which is not like any other typical plastic model that needs many parts to assemble.

The shape is finished after just a few folds of spreaded printout. Also a moving and working part without assembling them right after printing, doubles the fun of 3D printing.

Very precise and
amazing detail

FAB365 model takes pride in the ultimate detail that enthusiasts admire.


We pride in the surprising details which enthusiasts admire from all designs from FAB365. Because we develop products with extensive research and historical evidence, we never miss even a little flaw.

It is our main goal to make users happy when they complete printing and assembling.

Various genres
for 3D model enthusiasts

FAB365 model is based on researching and understanding the exact needs of people who love 3D models.


We truly understand people who love 3D models. Robot enthusiast, automobile enthusiast, military enthusiast, SF movie enthusiast… We research contents that the enthusiasts want to print with 3D printers and develop an amazing design to launch.

We are going to release items with different kinds of genres that 3D printer users want to own.

High quality design of FAB365

Innovative design
with no support

FAB365 model provides design that doesn’t generate support through special design know-how.


The biggest problem in 3D printing is the necessity of complex support and removal of complicated support. We provide a design without the support with special design knowhow.

It reduces the material and printing time, and an unnecessary post process of removing the support. Aslo, a design without the support not only saves the material, but also is another way to save the earth because it doesn’t produce wastes.

print-in-place technology

FAB365 model connects several parts through different bonding structures that minimizes the number of files and decreases the number of printing significantly.


Printing all the parts every time is like assembling a complicated plastic model. We applied Print-in-place technology to solve the inconvenience.

Because this technology minimizes the number of files by connecting all the parts together through various bonding structures, it helps reduce the repetitive file compression and decompression, slicing work, and the number of printing significantly.

Flawless output
with any printers

FAB365 provides a design file that is optimized for printer’s specification and option inorder to print a perfect output with any printers without failures.


The quality of different kinds of personal 3d printers that are continuously being launched varies a lot depending on low specification or high specification. Many users face difficulties and failures in printing because of low quality 3d models.

FAB365 provides a file that is optimized in any conditions and printing options, so people can print without any failures and can have a perfect output. All datas from FAB365 are designed from scratch considering all kinds of printing methods of all printers.

Proven quality from numerous test prints

FAB365 model releases products after test print and thorough inspection.


Even 3D models were designed with a perfect plan and leading technology, if it doesn't print out well from different kinds of 3D printers, it is useless.

Therefore, we edit and correct the products through test printing the model a lot when we design the content. We print the design in many different conditions and environments such as changes in different types of a filament, room temperature, and considering the history of the machine. Then we launch the product after going through assembling the printed product several times with thorough inspection.