Rocket pencil case

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If you use the pencil case for a long time, dust will accumulate on the bottom of the pencil case. So I thought about a pencil case with a lid, and I designed this rocket type pencil case. This rocket pencil case prints to the lid all at once and does not require assembly. The product is designed to print with the rocket upside down. If you want to put a lot of writing instruments here, you can print them large. This pen case may fall over while it is used without the writing instrument in this pen case, but if you put a lot of pens, it will not fall. Even if you don't use it as a pencil case, you can use it as an interior item. If you like it a lot or make a pre-purchase, I can officially sell it at FAB365. I ask for your participation.

Average Time
0.1 mm layer / 10.5 H
Output Size
X mm, Y mm, Z mm
  • fab365
    2019-11-08 16:23:13

    Simple but good idea~ I think people want more. We will think to improve your design. Thank you~