Business License


Business License

For customers who want to use the contents of FAB365 for non-personal or commercial purposes, please refer to the following.

If you would like to use the printout at a non-profit event, please refer to educational license.

  • Selling 3D printouts

    For customers who want to sell the printed Fab365 models.

    A commercial license for selling printed products can be purchased as a monthly subscription on Patreon's Fab365 page.

    The main benefits of subscribing are as follows:

       • Selling rights for printed products of all Fab365 designs

      (Limited to STL purchased through the official route, excluding non-sellable designs)

      • 3 New Designs every month from (includes 1 early access)

      • 3 Designs in last month from

    Click the link for more information and subscribe to the license!

    For any questions, please contact

  • Educational institution

    For customers who want to use the fab365 models for the purpose of education.

    You pay a license fee of USD $20-50 per piece of content and can only be used for 6 months. (The exact content license fee varies from content to content.)

    The license purchase agreement is valid for 6 months. The contract ends after 6 months. If you wish to renew, you must sign a renewal contract.

    Payment of the license fee must be made to Fab365's paypal account.

    Currenly we do not offer a license that pays a sales fee per printout.

    We recommend print the fab365 models before license purchase. Print quality may vary depending on printer conditions.

    NOT ALLOWED modifying the STL data. (But printing a smaller/larger size is ALLOWED)

    The Fab365 logo on the model cannot be removed.

    If you want to purchase the license, please fill out the following information and send an email to Then We will guide you through the contract process.

    1. Organization Name

    2. Manager Name

    3. Address

    4. Contact Email

    5. What is your 3D printer model?

    6. Fab365 models you want to use

    7. Photo showing 3D Printers. (Remove personnal information)