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Sell e-product for 3D
printing at FAB365!

You can sell your design to the consumer with 3D printing data without paying an expensive mold manufacturing and product development investment. Only with 3D data, you can start your own business.

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Only with 3D modeling data, you can sell it.

If you have creative idea for product, you can model it by 3D.
The consumer will buy your e-Product, and print it with 3D printer.


Get a kind consulting of 3D printing expert.

The national best 3D printing expert will pass on the know-how of 3D printing to you. We will give you a kind consulting for your idea and design to be realized.


We support a sample printing and photographing for sale.

With our best quality printer, we print your selling product with 3D printer. We support the consumer the high-definition studio shooting free of charge to maximize the attraction of their product printed.

Profit For Designer

Why cannot the product
designer receive the royalty?

Why cannot the product designer receive the royalty? Songwriters and photographers receive lots of royalty with digital contents and make earnings. We hope that even the product designer can receive the good design royalty without the payment of big budget. We hope that designers could sell the product to many world people with their creative design that they are hardly thinkable due to mold cost. We hope that all the world product designers could make lots of earnings with their design data. This is the reason why we want to make 3D printing platform for designers.

This is premium 3D printing contents marketplace, Fab365 that designer can make earnings of design royalty.

Sale - Revenue

Do you have 3D modeling data of great design product?

Don’t neglect your valuable product design, and sell it as e-product for 3D printing. Fab365 is always open for designers.

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