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  • What is e-Product?

    3D digital file created for 3D printing.

  • Can I download content and output it directly to a 3D printer?

    You can not print directly, but you have to go through slicing software. Our service provides files in the form of STL. This file format is a common format for all 3D printers. And this type of data can be output to a 3D printer only after the process of slicing. All 3D printers come with programs that act as slicing. This program converts 3D data into output for the printer.

  • What are the e-Product content refund criteria?

    For the contents that have been purchased and downloaded according to the 'Online Digital Content Industry Development Act' Refunds are not available unless the content itself is defective, such as voice or video issues. If you did not download after purchasing, and you have not purchased it within 7 days Please send your ID and contact information to our Customer Support Team by e-mail, and we will issue a refund after confirmation.

  • Can I pay by card only?

    Yes, you can only pay by credit card at this time.

  • I wonder about the license contract.

    The contents of license are as follows. https://fab365.net/license