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Earn Points for Writing Reviews

If you purchase a paid item and post a review, we will give you 1 point. Go to detail help page.


What is the validity period of the FREE ITEM - DOWNLOAD TICKET?

Can I get the FREE ITEM - DOWNLOAD TICKET by buying a paid item with Fab365 POINT?

How to import fab365 cura profile?

How to download model files?

You can download your own model files on your download page. Go to detail help page.

How to download slicer setting?

The slicing setting / profile is an expression of appreciation for paid purchasers.
If you have paid order and save printer/slicer information, you can download slicer settings.
Go to detail help page.

Slice Setting File List

Check the list of slice setting files now available. Go to detail help page.

How to use point?

Enter the points to be used you own on the payment page. Go to detail help page.

What are the e-Product content refund criteria?

You can not print directly, but you have to go through slicing software. Our service provides files in the form of STL.
This file format is a common format for all 3D printers.
And this type of data can be output to a 3D printer only after the process of slicing.
All 3D printers come with programs that act as slicing. This program converts 3D data into output for the printer.

Zip file is not extracted. What should I do?

Try another decompression software please.
We sell by file testing many times. And it is extremely rare for a compressed file to not open.
As a result, it is most likely a problem with the customer's Internet environment or the unpacking software.

Is the material used flexible material?

No. We use PLA filaments. Most PLA filaments have some elasticity, so they bend well and do not break at the right thickness. Fold the filament by hand to make sure your PLA is elastic enough. If the PLA you use breaks, it is not a suitable PLA for printing our foldable designs.

if I purchase a model from your website, does it then give me the license to print and sell the model?

The files you purchase from FAB365 are for personal use only. That means you can't sell anything printed on the fab365's design. This is true for all digital files, not just 3D printed files. For example, if you purchased a music / movie file, you can't sell it on CD or USB, not just the file.

I want to print and sell the design of FAB365. What should I do?

You need to sign a license for the FAB365 design. fab365 is currently only working on volume licensing agreements. Please email us the address of the product you want to print and sell. We will send you the contract form in reply.

I can't pay with my credit card. What's the problem?

Depending on your bank or individual, payment may be declined. There are so many different cases and it takes too long to get an answer from the bank. In this case, we recommend Paypal payment.

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