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How to download slicer setting?

1. You must log in.

2. Go to the profile page.

3. On the profile page, you can save your printer and slicer.
Select your 1) printer and 2) slicer both and 3) click the "save printer" button.

FAB365 has only specific settings, not all settings.
If the setting does not exist, you'll see the "Your settings not ready" button.

If the setting does exist, you'll see the "Download slice settings" button.

But the slicer setting is an expression of appreciation for paid purchasers.
Only paid users can download the slicer setting.

If you have paid order, you can download the slicer setting when you click the "Download slice settings" button.

Extract setting file then you can see.

If you have any other problems, please let us know.