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Yakhyeon church

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Moonstone Studio 3D

The architecture that has historically led a new transformation or remained as a symbol has a special meaning. Our 3D printing miniature architecture will be a charm and a monument to those who print our miniature buildings beyond the value of simple ornaments, and present the printouts.

Yakhyeon church is the cathedral of the Catholic Church located in Junglim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. The main hall is designated as Korean Historic Site No. 252, and is sometimes called the Chungrim-dong Cathedral.

It is Korea's first western style cathedral built using bricks made in Korea. Since then it has become the motif of most Korean cathedral architecture.
During the Christian era in the late Joseon era, Shin-yu persecution (1801), Gehae persecution (1839), Pyeo-o persecution (1846), and Persecution persecution (1866), It was built in 1889 on the Yakhyun hill overlooking the execution ground, the largest number of martyrs died, out of the Seosongmun.

Yakhyun cathedral is a typical Romanesque style with very few Gothic elements, Romanesque style implemented through 3D printing require no support or require only a small amount of support, so you can produce clean results without supporters.
It is designed to make it easy to look at the internal shape, and if you want fine print to the inside, it is desirable to lower the printing speed.
It is recommended that the decorations of roofs and chapels should not be lowered by more than 75% because the dimensions are about 0.6 ~ 0.8mm.

This model was designed to start a serious work or to go to the desk of those who made important decisions.
You can communicate with the creator by going to the link below. Thank you for your warm comments.

The size : X 235.85 mm Y 121 mm Z 154.3 mm

File 2.2 MB
Recommend Print
Prusa i3 Mk3
Cubicon Single
Ultimaker 3
Ultimaker 2+
Material Color
Colorfabb standard white
Average Time
[0.2mm] 30h
[0.1mm] 43h

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