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Foldable Robot-B

4D printing ready product
$ 4.79

This is the 4th in a series of folding robots to prepare for 4D printing. This robot was inspired by robots in the TV series Lost In Space.
It is a typical form of classic SF robot design with Robby appearing on the forbidden planet.

This is the kind of "3D Fan art". My imagination has been added so it is difficult to see the original shape before folding it.

Designed for easy folding of complex structures, this product has been designed to meet the needs of popular 4D printing in the future.
It will revolutionize 3D printing as a totally new structure robot that does not need to be supported nor assembled, just fold.
This design does not require assembly, but the head, arms, waist, wheels etc, can rotate at various angles, so you can play with a variety of things.
Especially, the arm has a double structure so that it can rotate in two directions, so you can take many poses.
The folded part is made concave so that anyone can fold it easily.

This robot has a Caterpillar that is similar to a tank instead of a leg, but it has wheels so that it can roll.

The biggest feature of this design is a new composite structure with different areas of the fold. This was the first new 3D printing structure in the world, and it was particularly difficult to design the new composite structure so that the lower body and upper body could rotate additionally.

The order of folding this robot is as follows.

1. Lift the pins in the lower body.
2. Fold the middle part of the body except the head and lower body.
3. Assemble the lower body to fit the middle pin.
4. Fold the hook on the bottom of the lower body.
5. Press the wheels to fit together.
6. Fold the head and put it on the middle body.

For more information, please refer to the following YouTube videos.

Folding Process
Print using Prusa i3mk3

This new type of composite structure, which allows complex movements in a single print, will show another possibility of 3D printing.

You should never use support. If there is support in the gap of the movable part, it becomes impossible to move. It is recommended that you 'DO NOT USE Brim' but USE Raft for printing stability. The transparent part of the head can be printed out separately and then attach with glue.

This data may stick to moving parts depending on the status of the printer, so please check the status of the printer carefully.

Size of this product : before assembly XYZ - 136 x 150 x 49mm / after assemblyXYZ - 112 x 49 x 122mm


  • [0.1mm] 23h
  • [0.2mm] 10h
  • [Robot-B Glass - SLA] 3h~5h

Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted


    Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted