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Foldable Robot-MM

4D printing ready product
$ 4.29

This is the 6th in a series of folding robots to prepare for 4D printing. This robot was inspired by tin toy robot.
This product has been designed for a more diverse representation of the size of a little robot.

The first feature of this design is to break out of the existing cube-based form in order to express the shape of the polyhedron. To express this, it is designed to fold 8 sides.
The second major feature is the structure of the arm. The arm of the previous robot had a limited rotation angle due to the thickness of the body. In order to overcome this, we newly designed the system by pulling out the arm after print out.
The third feature is the structure to connect the wheels at the bottom. Because it is a polyhedron, it takes up too much of the build plate when it is unfolded, making it difficult to print on a normal desktop 3D printer. Therefore, to reduce the area when unfolded, we designed the lower part of the wheel was slidably connected.

Designed for easy folding of complex structures, this product has been designed to meet the needs of popular 4D printing in the future.
It will revolutionize 3D printing as a totally new structure robot that does not need to be supported nor assembled, just fold.
This design does not require assembly, but the head, arms, wheels etc, can rotate at various angles, so you can play with a variety of things.

The folded part is made concave so that anyone can fold it easily.
If you reduce the size of this robot, the gap between the parts will decrease and stick together. Then your arms and head wheels will not move. Therefore, we do not recommend reducing the size of this robot.

infill 10%, Layer thickness 0.1 or 0.2mm, Retraction 6.25mm(for bowden type) or 3.5mm(for direct type), nozzle 0.4mm, No support, No brim, Raft is OK, Recommend filament : PLA

The order of folding this robot is as follows.

Folding process
Various violet color

When expanded, size = X 225mm, Y 108mm, Z 55mm After folding X 70mm, Y 54mm, Z 123mm


  • [0.1mm] 24h
  • [0.2mm] 10h

Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted


    Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted