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Church of light

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Voxel Construction

The famous church of the world famous designer Ando Tadao(安藤忠雄), "The Church of Light (Church of Light 光の教会, Hikarino-kyoi)". The official name of the church was "Ibaraki Kasugaoka (茨木春日丘)", which was completed in 1989.
Chapel, hall, and pastor are all designed by Mr. Tadao Ando. In most churches, on the wall of the chapel where the cross is hanging, Ando Tadao made a gap instead of the cross, and designed the light from there to appear as a beautiful cross.
The simple design finished with exposed concrete, the beautiful design without waste by calculating the space precisely is an example of unique church construction that made Tadao Ando famous.

The building consists of a main hall and a summer Bible school, these two buildings. This building is built on a tilted ground, so the outside and inside of the building are different in elevation. In order to express such a thing, we have intended to print together the land where the building was built.
Because the parish building is so known, and the summer Bible school is not well known, we have been able to divide the land so that both buildings can be displayed separately. But these two buildings must be put together to appreciate the true value of this building.
The ceiling of this building has been separated so that it can be easily seen inside.

Scale is 1/100. If you have a large 3D printer, you may need to adjust the size.

Please refer to the link in the video for the assembly process.
Assembly process
Assembly process X2 speed

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