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Foldable snowman

4D printing ready product
$ 2.99

It is a folding snowman that will be useful for Christmas. This folding snowman has a round body, so there is less edge for live hinges in the horizontal connection of the body, so a new folding structure is used.
The structure is a sliding frame structure, which takes up less space. By using this sliding frame structure, most of the internal space has become available, and it is designed to utilize this internal space.

By applying the closing lid opens by twisting the lower part of the body so that we can put little things in the body of the snowman. This snowman itself can be a gift, but a small gift inside it will give the recipient greater pleasure.
Children will love to have M & M's chocolate, Skittles, Haribo and other small candies in this snowman.
Lovers who want to propose on Christmas will be a unique event presents you put the ring on the inside of the snowman.

Arms and noses should be printed out in a suitable color and put in place. If the fittings are loose, you can use adhesive.
The hat can be placed on the hair in front of the snowman's head or glue it on.
The back of the snowman has a hook that can be used to decorate the tree by attaching a string to it.

I hope you have a happy Christmas with this folding snowman. Merry Christmas~

Outline/Perimeter Shells 2~3, infill 10%, Layer thickness 0.1 or 0.2mm, Retraction 6.25mm(for bowden type) or 3.5mm(for direct type), nozzle 0.4mm, No support, No brim, Raft is OK, Recommend filament : PLA
Raft settings - Raft Top Layers : 2, Raft Base Layers : 1, Raft Offset from Part : 3mm, Separation Distance 0.1mm, Raft Top Infill 100%, Above Raft Speed : 30%
This setting is recommended only and may vary depending on the printer's status.

Folding Process
80% printing

When expanded, size = X 201mm, Y 160mm, Z 48mm After folding X 67mm, Y 67mm, Z 95mm


  • [0.1mm] 14h
  • [0.2mm] 9h 30min

Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted


    Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted