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Digital tangible character
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This character series is a character that represents the personality or state of a person in the form of surface texture / ear / tail / body.
The touch that this character presents helps to stabilize the mind and body. Touching this character with your hands will lower your stress and stabilize your mind. In Asia, this is called shiatsu.

The shape of the surface texture symbolizes the behavior pattern. A uniform surface represents a person with a stable and regular behavior pattern. If the surface is irregular, it represents someone who has a behavior pattern that likes something new.
Ears and tails represent personality. If the tip of the ear and tail is sharp, personality is sensitive and can easily be hurt. On the contrary, if the ears and tails are round, personality is a thing of the past, and forgetting bad memories.

The shape of the body represents activity. If the lower part of the body is narrow and the upper part is wide, it can be said to be an active person who likes exercise. Its body is wide on the bottom and narrow on the top, it expresses a personality that likes activities with little movement such as reading and watching movies.

According to this symbolism, this character represents the following character.
1. Behavioral pattern - symbolizes someone who hates excessive change and likes a stable life.
2. Personality - Personality is good and forgetful of bad memory. It is a personality that easily thinks about the good side or easily forgets even if I hear a bad word to others. But he also speaks to hurt others. But most of them can not remember.
3. Activity - Having moderate activity, it is a good condition to be able to participate in all activities.

Size = X 62mm, Y 80mm, Z 68mm




  • [0.2mm] 5h
  • [0.1mm] 12h

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    Feel free to talk about your product. Comments that are irrelevant to the topic may be deleted