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Foldable Star ship Enterprise




GOODesign is a design studio established in Seoul, Korea by a representative who has been active in product design and 3D CG field for 20 years. As a design company that pursues a reasonable and differentiated digital design, it has always presented a new direction through working with clients such as Hyundai Motor, Siemens Korea and beiersdorf.   This time, we have put out the life product for 3D printing by utilizing various technique design based on the shape of the Class-A surface. These products are especially the result of deep research on the 3D printing dominant shape that can not be mass-produced using a mold.

This design was created in commemoration of exceeding 10,000 registered users. That's the Enterprise, the spaceship featured in the movie Star Trek. The Enterprise has several designs, but this time it was the first one in the series.

The shape of this spaceship is very simple, but its structure is difficult to reproduce with 3D printing. Despite the use of two slide structures, I had no choice but to use the support structure.

The folding order is as follows:

1. Remove the support of the propulsion unit.
2. Rotate the disc shaped primary hull and fit it on the protrusion of the vertical connection part.
3. The secondary hull of the middle cylindrical shape slides into place.
4. Fold and insert the front part of the secondary hull to fix it.
5. The propulsion unit slides backwards to remove the protruding support and folds the front part.
6. Print the stand without support and insert it into the hole in the bottom center of the Enterprise.

We've created a support that can be easily removed, so there's no need to set up support.
The disc-shaped primary hull may fall during printing, so please be careful with the build bed / plate adhesion. You can also use Raft.

Please refer to the following video for the folding process.

Folding process with Prusa
Folding process with Ender3 Pro on Whembam system bed
Folding process with CR10s Pro
Review from Shahan Subzwari
Review from WildRoseBuilds 02:45~ 03:35
Printing with Prusa Mini from J P
Printing review from Josep Prusa's Weekly 3D Prints 43

We would like to thank 10,000 registered users and all the people who have helped us so far and share this design with 3D printing users who are trying to create a new 3D printing culture.

When expanded, size = X 89mm, Y 73mm, Z 77mm After folding X 76mm, Y 168mm, Z 41mm / Pedestal = X 90mm, Y 122mm, Z 36mm

PRUSA Slicing Settings Simplify 3D
Extuder Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm / Retraction Distance : 2.4mm
Layer Settings Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6 / Outline : 2
First Layer Settings First Layer Height : 100~150% / First Layer Width : 100% / First Layer Speed : 50%
Infill Interlor Fill Percentage : 10% / Outline Overlap : 30%
Additions Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
PRUSA Slicing Settings Slic3r
PRUSA MK3 Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
Ender Slicing Settings Simplify 3D
Extuder Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm / Retraction Distance : 4~4.2mm
Layer Settings Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6 / Outline : 2~3
First Layer Settings First Layer Height : 120% / First Layer Width : 100% / First Layer Speed : 50%
Infill Interlor Fill Percentage : 10% / Outline Overlap : 40%
Additions Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
CR-10S Slicing Settings Cura
Quality Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Line Width : 0.4mm
Shell Wall Line Count : 2 / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6
Infill Infill Density : 20% / Patten : Grid
Material Flow : 100% / Retraction Distance : 5.2mm
Build Plate Adhesion Raft / Raft Extra Margin : 3mm / Raft Air Gap : 0.2~0.24mm
File 10.4 MB
Recommend Print
Material Color
Average Time
[0.1mm] Enterprise : 11h
[0.1mm] Pedestal : 4h
  • longy1012 Creality Ender-3 ProCura
    2020-09-23 02:03:54

    Hello. I used your Cura profile, but I'm having trouble unlinking Raft. I changed the settings for the air gap but it has no effect. Where am I wrong. Thank you. Greetings Plamen Angelov

    longy1012 Creality Ender-3 ProCura
    2020-09-24 21:35:12

    I printed it out, but I used Brim. The question remains where do I go wrong with Raft.

  • Matata Creality Ender-3Cura
    2020-08-18 21:27:51

    i have tried changing retraction settings but the engines are still stuck and cannot get them to move could you tell me what the best slicer settings for this model is.

    fab365 Administrator
    2020-08-19 19:59:56

    If surface is rough, engines will stick. Please check my print-tips.

  • nitrothec1own Creality Ender-3Cura
    2020-07-27 01:57:04

    It may not be a perfect print but I love it.

    fab365 Administrator
    2020-07-28 12:29:17

    Thank you very much~ I hope you enjoy a lot~

  • jotagera Prusa i3 Mk3/Mk3sPrusaSlicer
    2020-03-09 00:03:59

    Congratulations This model are astonish. I have a cheapper printer but i still made a nice piece. I used prusa slicer and printed in PLA with 0.2mm

    fab365 Administrator
    2020-03-09 11:46:03

    Your print looks very good~ Thank you for your print and sharing your printing experiences. Happy 3D printing~

  • Deleted

  • santanig5 Creality CR-10S ProSimplify3D
    2020-01-12 23:11:27

    Nice model, but having trouble printing on CR-10S Pro sliced with S3D, can you share the settings for this combination?

    fab365 Administrator
    2020-03-09 11:48:53

    Thank you. It would be easy for me to help you if you showed me the pictures.

  • theinternal
    2019-09-08 12:10:27

    Thanks for the model! However what's the difference between Pedestal A and B? I can't quite figure it out.

    TallDonkey Prusa i3 Mk3/Mk3sPrusaSlicer
    2019-10-07 15:55:33

    I have this same question also. I can't tell them apart.

    evinrude1914 Creality Ender-3Cura
    2019-10-17 02:26:58

    from what I noticed pedestal b sits at angle and a seems flat

    fab365 Administrator
    2020-03-09 11:47:36

    A pedestal A is flat, B is angled. Thank you evinrude1914.

  • wrightlife
    2019-09-06 21:17:51

    How do you change the FSB 365 to NCC-1701

    2019-09-06 21:19:11

    Forget it I see it now LOL Thanks Going to print it this weekend

    fab365 Administrator
    2019-09-15 14:20:35

    Thank you! We hope you enjoy!

    2019-09-27 04:54:15

    I can't seem to figure out how to replace the FAB365 with NCC-1701 :-(

    fab365 Administrator
    2019-09-27 12:03:21

    When you fold this and finish, the blast furnace goes back to the bottom of the plane. See the video.

  • MikeInAZ
    2019-09-05 05:25:57

    I can not get the engines on the side to slide forward. They are stuck in there really good. I tried digging out some of the filament around the long parts but it won't budge. I tried S3D on a Prusa MK2S

    fab365 Administrator
    2019-09-15 14:22:19

    I guess because of strings. Use more retractions please.

  • Ra Prusa i3 Mk3/Mk3sPrusaSlicer
    2019-09-04 06:49:59

    Awesome! I print it this night. :-)

    fab365 Administrator
    2019-09-05 02:09:50

    Thank you~ Please enjoy~

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