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SUV with steering

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I 3D-Print since August 2018, made my own Models first with FreeCAD and now with Fusion 360. In the Beginning i used a Hyperion Forge 3D, which is a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Clone, then since the End of 2018 i have a Prusa Mk3. This Printer i have modded with many Things, Full Bear Frame, Bondtech Extruder, Misumi Rods and Bearings, Nozzle X, Copper Heatblock, and many More^^

SUV with Steering
You can turn the Wheel from behind with the Spare-Wheel.

This Model needs some Love during assembly. But if you take your Time and follow the Assembly Guide the Steering will work pretty fine.

Make sure your Printer has a decent Quality and is well calibrated. Tolerances are not very big.

Printed on a Prusa Mk3S full Bear. All Parts are rotated in printing Position.

I will reject any Liability for Damage or health Injuries caused by this Model! This Model contains small Parts that can be swallowed!

Find me on:
Instagram: @3dmaniac

Not for Sale! If you want to print them for Sale please contact me.

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