Cell Phone Charger designed with TPMS Lattice structure

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Harvestance Corp.

Our mission is to overcome the limitation of 3D printing and expand the 3D printing application by leveraging our Advanced Additive Design Technology and practical experience in Additive Manufacturing.

This cellphone Charger is designed with TPMS (Triply Periodic Minimal Surface) Lattice Structure with one body design.

Stop printing the obvious prints that anyone prints! Grid pattern structure smartphone wireless charging cradle that will make you a trend leader.
Wireless charging is now a must for modern people who frequently use smartphones. I thought about applying a unique and sensuous design that cannot be found on the market. The result is an innovative design that can create shapes only with 3D printing technology.
This design is not one of the many products that have been produced in mass production. From the design stage, we made our imagination melt in mind with 3D printing in mind. Just by looking at the design, you can see that it is a product created with the latest 3D printing technology.
It is also suitable for use as education materials for the [3D printing DIY practice] curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students.

*Product Features
-Designed with expert software of nTopology, USA
-TPMS (Triply Periodic Minimal Surface) free-form surface pattern applied
-There is no support structure by reflecting the overhang angle of the surface facing the floor-Very light as there is an organic space inside the pattern
- Less material usage these reasons,
-Various products can be produced according to the color of the material and interior can be produced.

The charging modules used are as follows.
10W Qi Fast Charging Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Coil 2020 2 Board With Z6N3
You can purchase them at online shopping malls such as eBay or Ali Express.

Wireless charging module Aliexpress link
Wireless charging module ebay link

File 8.3 MB
Release Date
Average Time
[0.1mm] Lattice Structure : 22h
[0.1mm] Pin : 15m
  • Award0586
    2020-09-14 20:28:58

    This is the first model on this page ive had trouble with. Seems like my print always comes out a little sloppy looking, some spots are very thin. i dont know what or if im doing wrong, but i tried printing other things afterwards to make sure something wasnt up with my printer but it was fine. Maybe my slicer has trouble with this.

  • Romano
    2020-09-07 12:00:15

    So cute!!

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