Cute Bull with moving hooves

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Stepan Tarasov

I really like CAD modeling, the creation of functional models and the manufacture of various devices. I am interested in 3D sculpting and I like to make different funny creatures and monsters. I believe that 3D printers allow us to produce products that are not reachable on other machines - and this makes the technology very interesting. I like to study the features of 3D printing technology and create a design that is functional and as simple as possible for manufacturing on a 3D printer. Check my instagram to see what I'm currently working on!

Cute Bull with moving hooves

3D printed and ready (easy assembly without post-processing)

No supports required. Just cut and print!

The model consists of two parts: the top and bottom of the bull.

the hooves are printed in their entirety with the bottom part (as one piece). It is assembled in two parts without glue or self-tapping screws (I use special clamps for 3D printing).

You can insert a key ring into the bull nose and use the as a keychain


Bull - ready for 3D printing!

My settings:

0.4 nozzle, layer 0.2 mm

3 perimeter, 6 top and bottom solid layers

infill 30%

I used a 0.5 mm tolerance for moving parts. Prints without problems on any FDM 3d printer

I reduced the print speed to 40 mm / s due to the presence of small parts. Recommend using a raft to avoid peeling off small parts from the print table. My printer with a heated bed and glass, I calibrated the first layer and did not use a raft - it prints well 8)

Printing time: 5 hours

Plastic weight: 41g

XYZ 38 x 58 x 30 mm - body

XYZ 39 x 59 x 34 mm - head

File 14.8 MB
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