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Tariq Ali

I am a 3D designer/Editor/Animator based in the beautiful city of Dubai in Middle East. i belong to the 3D design & Sculpting background from the past 10 years. Very much passionate about what i do, so i enjoy doing it & make time for unique projects. Helps me to challenge myself & grow as a professional, & get to know some awesome people. I had worked on a number of 3D projects during my career for brands like Huawei, Head & Shoulders , The Dubai Mall commercials, Footway Shoe-wear. From designing & 3D printing missing bones of skeletons kept in museum to Sculpting a human bust, i was fortunate enough to work on a variety of design projects. Being an artist, I look for inspiration around me everywhere in my everyday life & i try to express emotions through it. 3DPrintingGeek is born out of a combination of my 3d design background & my love for this amazing technology of 3D Printing, which allows me to bring my digital 3d designs into the real world, in my own hands in reality.I try not to follow a specific trend & design almost anything that i find interesting & which i feel challenges my skills & help me to learn new techniques along the way. Regards, Tariq Ali

We all at some point in life had dreamt about being a pilot, me being no exception, to an extent that I had even gone to a flying school at one point to take admission, yeah, Only to realize that I was not eligible to fly. So yeah, I always appreciated the design & the mechanism that makes a Helicopter fly, which still fascinates me after so many years. So here is my new design, presenting you a Helicopter which can’t fly, but we can at least 3D print one & appreciate the beauty of it. Print it BIG or print it small, whatever your printer can handle.

The model consists of a total of 9 separate pieces, which all get assembled without the need of any glue-stick or any screws. But by no means i am telling you that you won’t need glue , depends if you want it to be more firm of a fit, then of-course you can go ahead & use superglue in parts like where the stand fits the bottom of the helicopter body to make it a stronger fit. All the pieces print without the need of any support. I know some people will feel skeptical if the stands would print with no support, but the answer is yes. I had designed those to stand exactly at a maximum print angle of 45 degree angle, which any 3d printer can print easily even if your part cooling is not that great. You don’t even need any rafts, but that also depends if you are confident that your models stick strong enough to your print bed on the first layer. I printed them all without any issues with no rafts & no supports at 0.1mm layer height (80% scale) with a 0.4mm nozzle. You can increase the print size of the model if your printer is not very good with handling tight tolerances. So go now & print one for your kids or for a nice display item in your 3d printed model showcase. All in all, I want you to have fun printing the model, as that is why most of us get ourselves a 3D printer for, right.

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