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Swirl Weaving Transparent Lamp

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It’s the fourth series of desktop lighting. The most difference from the previous lighting series is that it was designed to use the transparent materials. It is blocked between the frame and frame that the direct light is not seen, and it can produce a soft light with no glare.

In order to bring out the best of the transparent materials, the difference was made between when turning on the lighting and turning off the lighting by producing the structure of frame inside and outside. The frame inside and outside is wound mutually on the opposite direction that prevents it from being twisted by external impact or heat. The hole in the left discharges the heat from inside.

Aesthetically, it gives a feeling of being the oriental bamboo crafts as if you watch artistic handcrafts.

The interior lighting fixture was made to be easily produced by combining it with cheap lighting part that you can find from around, and repaired. However, you must use only LED bulb, because the common light bulb can be transformed as it emits lots of heat.

It was divided in small size by considering the maximum printing-out size of common desktop FDM 3D printer for more people to have this lighting fixture. Therefore, anyone who can have 3D printer or who can use it, though it is not an expensive 3D printer, can print it out.

Also it was designed to print out with some support in order to quit support, to finish and to reduce the process stress. And it was designed for anybody, though he cannot trim a support, to get a good result by preventing its trace from coming out in the way that support is generated inside even in case of needing a support. Of course, you will get the better product if printing out with a printer that allows the better result than FDM (for example, SLA, DLP, SLS etc.).

Each part of them was designed to combine with a small clip, and needing not much force to insert and quit it its coherence is rather so strong that it cannot be easily separated.

It can be used at anywhere including office, library, living room, bedroom etc., and can produce several atmospheres according to the brightness of bulb. Its whole size is 19cm (width) x19cm (depth) x31cm (height).

File 19.9 MB
Recommend Print
Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen
Makerbot Replicator 2
Material Color
Average Time
[0.2mm] 53h 30m

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