Squid game - guard mask Square(Quick print/No supports)

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GOODesign is a design studio established in Seoul, Korea by a representative who has been active in product design and 3D CG field for 20 years. As a design company that pursues a reasonable and differentiated digital design, it has always presented a new direction through working with clients such as Hyundai Motor, Siemens Korea and beiersdorf.   This time, we have put out the life product for 3D printing by utilizing various technique design based on the shape of the Class-A surface. These products are especially the result of deep research on the 3D printing dominant shape that can not be mass-produced using a mold.

The popularity of squid games is amazing! Fab365's Front Man Mask is also very popular.
In particular, my design, which saves money and time without support, seems to have been well received by customers.
And there were a lot of requests to make face masks for facilitators.
We designed the squid game Guard mask according to the requests of these customers.

A design that does not require any support has been completed with a folding design like the front man mask.
Another feature is that the shape of the side is designed to follow the jaw line of the face, almost matching the shape of the real movie. And it's comfortable to wear.
And for people like me who are not good at coloring, I made a square shape to make it easier to paint over it. If you use masking tape, you will be able to paint more neatly.

For more information, please refer to the Fab365 YouTube video.

Happy Halloween with this support-free, fast-printable squid game Guard mask.

Biggest part size x 168mm, y 167mm, z 110mm

After building inner size x 151mm, z 208mm
110% scale up inner size : x 166mm, z 226mm
120% Scale up inner size : x 181mm, z 246mm

File 32.8 MB
  • andyorchard776540
    2021-11-04 19:32:52

    downloaded twice now and file is not reading on printer cant print it. Its like card is corrupt i have formatted card and tried others and still same the fist mask worked but this one is not working for me need help or refund.

    2021-11-05 05:53:46

    Did you use a slicer to slice the file and create a gcode file for your printer?

    2021-11-06 07:08:12

    I have but still not working it loads to card but shows nothing when put into printer just 4 dots. I press print and it goes back to the start again ile get pictures put up in a day or two.

  • tozol
    2021-10-28 19:48:02

    just a quick one,
    why no exact settings on this page?,

    yes i get the profile and specific settings, so are you saying, just downloading the cura and ender 3 profile that i have done, all the settings for this print are correct??
    because i think they are just off to be honest..

    surly just a basic settings for these specific models here would be way better.?, they would help me tbh, im actually writing this because i cant figure out the exact ones.

    take as an exmple, your cure , ender profile has Raft selected, again as a pointer, i dont think this needs a raft,
    also with this especially, the overhang setting for the top, is that right on default?, im getting red warnings in cura at the top?
    not sounding to be picky, you know i like youe stuff and have bought a lot.
    just really think settings would be better on this actual page, because like i said the profole is wrong on a few things for me.
    also ive printed a few of yours this week, the halloween stuff, and im sure the settings are on there page.

    just think it would be way better for beginers, and regualr printers tbh.
    meanwhile im left looking for the right ones.

  • 2be3dprinted1500
    2021-10-24 21:18:47

    Great model, the hook to fix the two halves could be a bit tighter.
    Printed in 19h (which is a lot faster then many other models!)
    Settings: 0.3mm layers, no support, 0.4nozzle 2 walls, because of top and bottom layers it is printed solid , 60mm/s

  • gumana
    2021-10-23 10:09:14

    Please share with us the settings. Thanks

    2021-10-24 21:43:45

    Please check help page.
    Thank you~

  • beercookteam9093
    2021-10-22 09:54:30

    You are Amazing! i will be buying alot more files off u! thank you

  • lainever
    2021-10-22 04:46:40

    With your settings, how long does it take to print ?

  • Exman20997612
    2021-10-22 04:15:19

    what's the infill set too?

    2021-10-24 21:44:34

    I use 20% infill.

  • egamboa5569
    2021-10-22 03:28:10

    what parameters used to print it fast and safe? i checked and shows 21 hours...

    2021-10-23 00:12:25

    me too, i hope the designer send us the buyers his parameters for test

    2021-10-24 21:44:08

    Please check help page.
    Thank you~

  • aritull30136888
    2021-10-22 01:44:13

    hola. soy ariel de Argentina. espero puedan leer este mensaje. compre el modelo recientemente y quería consultar si las mascar con la forma de triangulo y circulo están disponibles también o que sean solo lisos para poder hacer los 3 modelos de la serie, un abrazo

    2021-10-22 02:22:07

    We are working on Circle and triangle.
    You can download tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
    Please look forward to it.
    Thank you!

    2021-10-24 07:02:06

    Will circle and triangle be included in the purchase of the square? If not, do you have a design without the square on it?

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