Scorpion- Print-in-place articulated

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Pepperbox is leading the business related to 3D printing with the motto “Make colorful the world with 3D printing”. Among 3D printing-related businesses, it stands out in 3D modeling, because it accurately understands 3D printing characteristics and uses them to design various and unique shapes. We reject the commercialization of non-individuality and respect the beauty of numerous diversity. Pepebox will help the world move forward through 3D printing.

The king of stingers, The scorpion is a deadly creature that is covered in armor like a knight in the Middle Ages and has a venomous stinger on its tail. It was made so that it can be easily printed through 3D printing.
You can summon a terrifying scorpion by printing it out at once without any assembly work. It consists of a free-moving venomous tail, claws that reproduce the unique movement of a scorpion, and thin legs, which can be manipulated to express various shapes.
If the small legs and the push-in parts of the claws or other fixed parts are loose, use adhesive to attach them.
Please refer to the video for the process and methods of connecting each part after printing is finished.

Printing on Ender3 S1 and assembling video
Printing on prusa and assembling video

(It is possible to print at a print bed of 200 x 200 mm or larger. You can enlarge or reduce the print, but for the best movement, it is recommended to print it in its original size.)

Largest part in printing, size = X 199mm, Y 199mm, Z 27mm

File 16.3 MB
Average Time
[0.1mm] Scorpion : 9h

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