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GOODesign is a design studio established in Seoul, Korea by a representative who has been active in product design and 3D CG field for 20 years. As a design company that pursues a reasonable and differentiated digital design, it has always presented a new direction through working with clients such as Hyundai Motor, Siemens Korea and beiersdorf. This time, we have put out the life product for 3D printing by utilizing various technique design based on the shape of the Class-A surface. These products are especially the result of deep research on the 3D printing dominant shape that can not be mass-produced using a mold.

To celebrate Star Wars Day (May 4th), we designed the TIE fighter that many customers have requested. But there are already many TIE fighter designs out there. That's why I designed the Outland TIE fighter from Mandalorian.
A distinctive feature of the Outland TIE fighter is that its wings (solar panel) fold. And there is the landing gear.
The folding structure of this wing (solar panel) is reproduced, and the wing (solar panel) is fixed by pushing it into the wing pylon in both the folded state and the unfolded state. It can be moved in this unfolded or folded state, but it can be loose, so it is recommended to choose and fix it with adhesive.
The landing gear can be optionally replaced and fitted.

I have designed custom supports for stable printing, so please remove them and assemble them.

Please check the video for the detailed process of making Fab365's TIE fighter.

With this, the previously designed Millennium Falcon and X-wing can be used to recreate Star Wars battle scenes.
We hope you and your fans enjoy Star Wars Day (May 4th) with Fab365's Star Wars spaceships.
"May the force be with you"

1 : 72 Scale

Largest part in printing, size = X 116mm, Y 96mm, Z 61mm

File 6.8 MB
Release Date
Average Time
[0.1mm] Wing Panel : 1h
[0.1mm] Wing : 4h 25m
[0.1mm] Landing Gear Cover : 10m
[0.1mm] Landing Gear : 35m
[0.1mm] Hatch Window : 10m
[0.1mm] Hatch : 10m
[0.1mm] Frame Window : 15m
[0.1mm] Frame : 15m
[0.1mm] Body : 3h 10m
  • paul_dunn7583
    2023-11-18 19:20:36

    The wing panels are coming out really strange when slicing this, any suggestions or fixes?

    2023-11-18 19:32:37

    Nvm if I slice the wings at 0.2mm layer height it works properly.

  • pawels8513
    2023-08-01 05:28:00

    Where have the settings disappeared to for Cura?

  • soichiro.nakagawa2196
    2023-07-10 23:03:10

    Fantastic model even though the black panels still don't come out very well despite numerous attempts. Curious.

  • Myk1
    2023-04-29 21:06:10

    Easy Print had an issue with the Hatch Window as i could not get a good first layer to begin with.
    had to move the print over to the rear corner of the bed to get it to work.
    The rest of the prints worked well with no issues.
    May 4th is just round the corner so thought it a good time to get my collection in order.

    Printed this on my CR-10 Smart

  • Robertv12631142
    2023-04-14 09:47:58

    I am having trouble putting the wings on they are to tight of a fit I printed the TIE Interceptor and had no problem could you give me a hint at what I am doing wrong.

  • Roach
    2022-10-11 00:20:08

    where are the settings info?

  • valentinbanegas1505452
    2022-09-01 23:46:37

    recomiendan alguna configuracion ?todavía no lo hice quiero saber como hacerlo

  • titeuf494398
    2022-07-22 02:04:07

    Tie print on Ender 3 Pro, Shiny Silver and Black (PLA) filament
    Base on Ender 3 V2 Gray Filament (PLA)
    Easy printing with Fab 365 settings

    2022-10-03 01:16:56

    Wheres the settings?

  • mattleshman9020
    2022-07-20 09:40:10

    Please can I get the optim config for my Ender 3 Pro in Cura with default nozzle 0.4?

  • qwerty1234order9065
    2022-06-01 07:01:21

    Are there any slicer settings for the TIE Fighter Outland?

    Using Ultimaker Cura / Creality Cura for an Ender-3 S1 Pro.


    2022-09-03 10:18:59

    I am going to follow the settings from Fab's AT-AT and see what happens.

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