Dragon snake-Bush viper V 1.2

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Greedy fox

Design most often requires a usable design for a purpose. I also ask for something interesting. Among them, I like to have fun. In that sense, I think it goes well with 3D printing. The good thing is that you can make it at will. It is difficult for a married woman to work. Still, I try not to miss it. In the eyes of the children, such a side seemed to be seen as a greedy mother. Seeing me like this, her daughter gave me the name ‘greedy fox’.

※ Because of the customer's opinion that the connection part is thin, I modified the connection part to be 40% thicker. If you have already purchased it, you can download it again. ※
※※ Silky filament or silky rainbow filament has weak physical properties, so there is a risk of breaking it if it is moved too much. Please pay attention to this. ※※

Among various snakes, there are snakes that resemble dragons, and one of them is the Bush viper. The bush viper resembles the imaginary dragon, because of the shape of its intense scales, hence the name Dragon snake. I made this snake with Flexi design.

In order to reproduce the natural appearance of a snake as much as possible, the joints are designed to be invisible.
And to make it look more alive, I designed the eyes to be printed separately.

Print in Rainbow silky PLA for a more lively snake look.
Refrain from playing excessively with your friends who hate reptiles.

Although the print size is rather large, it fits the most commonly used 220mm X 220mm bed size, so please check the print size.
In order to print on a 180mm X 180mm bed size such as the Prusa Mini, you can reduce the size in the slicing software, but be careful as the joint space is narrowed, so it may stick.

Print size X 213.2 mm, Y 194.3 mm , Z 24.26 mm

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  • scorpioo421738
    2023-08-02 20:01:59

    Would be nice to tell some settings..like nozzle 0,4 ? Brim or no brim , infill % ? 0,12 or 0,16 layer ?
    Makes the world a difference , especially how long the printing takes .
    Bought it because it seems a great one. Want to print it foor my grandson, and mayby another one for me ;-) but please tell me how you set it up in Prusa slicer, Cura

    Printing it now , sliced it in prusa.. 0,2 Normal , 0,4 Nozzle, 15% infill, No skirt , No brim, No support. Says it takes him a day but that's ok ..Looks ok the first layer...will post the outcome here ;-)

  • fab365.14re43289
    2023-05-11 16:00:05

    Do you need support for the mouth?

    2023-05-16 16:31:12

    No supports needed.
    Please enjoy.

  • gonzonia
    2023-05-08 23:23:00

    I haven't been able to get this to print successfully.

  • jtondra8957
    2022-05-06 22:28:50

    I agree with fespa. I so wanted this to work and printed several times with lovely results until I moved the articulation points and it fails.

    2022-05-31 23:13:01

    She increased the thickness of the links by 40%. Download and print again.
    Thank you~

  • fespa
    2022-04-30 23:27:07

    Really nice model! Unfortunately, the links are too small and weak. Even in a slow and perfect print they will break under minor force influence... Maybe a new revision with stronger links would be possible?!

    2022-05-31 23:12:49

    She increased the thickness of the links by 40%. Download and print again.
    Thank you~

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