Wall-E Foldable (Print-in-place Articulated)


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Since Fab365 designed the Foldable Robot, there have been many requests to design the Wall-E in a foldable way. This is because Wall-E is optimized for foldable design. However, the shape optimized for foldable is only the body, and Wall-E's head/eyes, arms, wheels and track are a challenging shape with many factors to consider.
Now that we too have gained a lot of experience, we now have the skills to create, and finally we can design like this.
Please enjoy the foldable design skills that Fab365 has accumulated over the past 3 years with the Foldable Wall-E.
Here are some things to keep in mind when making Foldable Wall-E.

When folding the body, make sure to check the positions of the protrusions and holes before folding.
The parts attached to the upper corner of the Wall-E's body have a small adhesive area, so it is recommended to apply the adhesive carefully before sticking.

The neck must first be pushed up and then rotated before it can move.

The arm moves along the rail. On the lower rail, it moves well when the arm is forward, and on the upper rail, it moves well along the rail when raised up.

To make the track move well, it's a good idea to grease the wheels with sewing machine oil.
If the tracks are well separated, it is helpful to increase the flow rate.

Please check the video for details of the making process.

Printing on Prusa and assembling video
Printing on Ender 3 and assembling video

Largest part in printing, size = X 160mm, Y 184mm, Z 25mm

File 15.6 MB
Average Time
[0.1mm] Eyes Cover : 15m
[0.1mm] Head : 2h 35m
[0.1mm] Hand : 1h
[0.1mm] Arm : 1h 25m
[0.1mm] Rail : 1h 50m
[0.1mm] Body : 12h 35m
[0.1mm] Handle : 15m
[0.1mm] Part : 50m
[0.1mm] Wheel Cap : 1h 10m
[0.1mm] Caterpillar : 4h 15m
  • gbnokiaaa6022
    2022-06-26 10:33:02

    printer: mk3s+
    pla yellow prusament
    same issue for me small parts curling
    faled 6x
    tried also 130% size and still same problem
    so far i tried
    chanze zlive
    blow cold air on printer
    nylock mod done aswell
    any ideas???

    2022-06-26 21:37:18

    Please check Fab365 print-tips.

    Or lower your nozzle.

    2022-06-27 01:01:55

    i tried everething its only failed when i print full body. i tried cut the body model and print the small part only and no issues at all. i dont have problem with bed ahesion no warping at all. also using pla prusament. here are pictures of those part printed alone. its just curling on the top :/ so far i failed 9 times. its weird after two years i never had such a big issue to print something

    2022-06-27 18:12:32

    Check my comment post about adding a small brim around the smallest part to help them adhere better, the curling/warping means the small parts gets pushed harder and will separate. This worked for me, give it a try! Printed whole yellow part all together as expected.

  • abcurrie2586
    2022-06-24 22:48:53

    I have tried a couple of times to print this but have failed. The main part of the body has several small "dogbones" that hold the parts together. Unfortunately they will not stay stuck to the bed despite several attempts with bed adhesives. The problem is that they have very little surface area and while they are printing, the "ears" of the dogbone start to curl up. The printer nozzle passes over them and knocks the dogbones off the bed. Any suggestions?

    2022-06-26 21:37:30

    Please check Fab365 print-tips.

    Or lower your nozzle.

    2022-06-27 02:18:00

    if you have same problems with those long parts that conecting big pieces together i may find different way. in prusa slicer body stl i split into objects and those problematic parts i deleted. lets try to print them without them and glue the big parts together.

  • Tallen8
    2022-06-24 10:33:58

    This is so cool!
    First, thank you so much for your hard work, and second for making it free for all to enjoy!!
    I have questions, can I print the tracks in TPU? Will it work if I do?
    Thanks again


    2022-06-27 14:41:57

    The connection part of the track needs to be hard to maintain the connection, but if you use TPU, I think the connection part is soft and will come off easily.

  • stuart.alexander19498391
    2022-06-24 00:34:45

    I have successfully printed everything on my Ender 3 Pro-0.4 nozzle, however the track keeps pulling apart when assembling. I am using ESun E PLA.

    2022-06-27 14:40:38

    Please increase flow rate. Then, material come out more and all part gaps will be smaller and tighter.

  • benou
    2022-06-23 23:39:23

    is it normal that the left body part from the main body is not touching the plate? I have to put support on it!

    see the image, it is like that for 3mm, and then the part appears !

    2022-06-24 05:28:22

    Most likely the part isn't sitting flat on the build plate.

    2022-06-25 03:03:49

    I've reopened it multiple times, and everytime, just this part is about 3mm in the air. Like if it was moved just before saving the stl.
    I'm using prusa slicer 2.3.0

    2022-06-25 11:22:06

    Having this issue also. Noticed the first few mm of the model disappears so there is something wrong with the STL most likely. You can see the overhand issue when slicing the model

    2022-06-25 11:29:25

    Figured it out. I went through PrusaSlicer to repair the STL and now I can slice the complete body now

    2022-06-26 01:36:46

    Same problem. Prusa slicer doesn't like it. Just fix it with netfabb in prusa slicer.

    2022-06-27 04:14:51

    thanks. I repaired it and saved as .obj, and now it it slicing correctly ... trying to print it now :)

    2022-06-27 14:32:54

    We checked again using netfabb and Prusa slicer.
    But no problem found at all.

    2022-08-04 21:10:09

    I'm experiencing the same issue.
    First few layers of the part of the body does not appear when slicing using Prusaslicer 2.3.1

    Maybe corrupted stl?

    2022-08-04 21:22:26

    I've repaird the stl file in Prusaslicer and now I can see the missing part is being sliced as it supposed to be.

    However, this time another part is missing on the left part of the body. This time it's the top part.

    Any suggestions?

    2022-08-04 21:51:04

    I have now fixed it - at least for now.

    I imported the stl to Meshmixer and exported as an STL then repaired it in the Prusa slicer and saved it as an OBJ file.

    Then imported to Prusa slicer and sliced it using the same setting as the setting that was missing some part of the body in the first comment. This time all the parts appears fine.

    I'm printing it now so wish me luck.


  • Marco999
    2022-06-23 23:15:00

    What nozzle size did you use please?
    It is a beautifully designed model. Thank you.

    2022-06-27 14:42:32

    I use 0.4mm nozzle always.

  • marcography6663
    2022-06-23 16:29:11

    Amazing design, is support needed to print all these? Thank you.

    2022-06-27 14:37:47

    No support needed.
    Please check this video.
    Please enjoy~

  • hobby6314
    2022-06-20 17:47:48

    What filling percentage do you recommend for all pieces?

    2022-06-22 15:26:25

    infill - 10% 😁

  • Policman
    2022-06-17 22:04:04

    My favorite character. Thank you so much.

    2022-06-22 15:27:28

    You are welcome~ Please enjoy and upload review~

  • Arrons3D
    2022-06-17 20:51:53

    Another great design, thank you.
    Having trouble identifying colours for each part.
    I will have to track down that particular yellow for body. I can see silver for head and white eye outline. Are hub caps silver or light grey? Are tracks and body edges dark grey?
    I hope you dont mind me suggesting something for future, can you include colour in the file name, would make it simpler?

    2022-06-22 15:28:58

    You have matched all the colors of the filaments. great!
    I will consider your idea~
    Thank you~

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