F-117 Night hawk

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GOODesign is a design studio established in Seoul, Korea by a representative who has been active in product design and 3D CG field for 20 years. As a design company that pursues a reasonable and differentiated digital design, it has always presented a new direction through working with clients such as Hyundai Motor, Siemens Korea and beiersdorf.   This time, we have put out the life product for 3D printing by utilizing various technique design based on the shape of the Class-A surface. These products are especially the result of deep research on the 3D printing dominant shape that can not be mass-produced using a mold.

I designed the F-117 stealth aircraft in a foldable way, which greatly improved the technology of modern military aircraft.
When this plane appeared, I was personally very shocked. Its straight, angular shape made it seem impossible to fly due to the resistance of the air. It was like an airplane made with alien technology.
This appearance influenced many fields and created an opportunity to radically change the exterior design of automobiles and computers.

There are many opinions that the flap structure of the previously designed airplane wing is difficult to print, so we designed a new structure this time. It will be much easier to print.
Before folding the body of the plane, I must first remove the support I designed custom.
These custom supports are located on the aircraft body and wing.

A space for AAA batteries is provided to prevent the airplane from tilting backwards. Before folding the body, put in exhausted AAA batteries and fold the body.

If you don't have batteries, you can use this as we made a stand like the A-10 we designed earlier.

Missiles appearing while the hangar is open can be applied by placing it on the display stand.

The display stand can accommodate landing gear and missiles.

Please check the video for more details.
Printing on Ender 3 and assembling video
Printing on Prusa and assembling video

1 : 72 scale
Largest part in printing, size = X 110mm, Y 147mm, Z 110mm, After full assembly size= X 194mm, Y 291mm, Z 61mm
total weight = 195g

PRUSA Slicing Settings Simplify 3D
Extuder Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm / Retraction Distance : 2.4mm
Layer Settings Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6 / Outline : 2
First Layer Settings First Layer Height : 100% / First Layer Width : 100% / First Layer Speed : 80%
Infill Interlor Fill Percentage : 15% / Outline Overlap : 30%
Additions Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
PRUSA Slicing Settings PrusaSlicer
PRUSA MK3 Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
Ender Slicing Settings Simplify 3D
Extuder Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm / Retraction Distance : 5.4mm
Layer Settings Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6 / Outline : 2
First Layer Settings First Layer Height : 120% / First Layer Width : 150% / First Layer Speed : 50%
Infill Interlor Fill Percentage : 15% / Outline Overlap : 30~40%
Additions Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO
CR-10S Pro Slicing Settings Cura
Quality Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Line Width : 0.4mm
Shell Wall Line Count : 2 / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 6
Infill Infill Density : 20% / Patten : Grid
Material Flow : 100% / Retraction Distance : 5.4mm
Build Plate Adhesion Raft / Raft Extra Margin : 3mm / Raft Air Gap : 0.3~0.32mm
File 10.0 MB
Average Time
[0.1mm] Fuselage : 27h 50m / 103g
[0.1mm] Pedestal : 12h 40m / 51g
[0.1mm] Wing : 5h / 14g
[0.1mm] Flap : 2h / 6g
[0.1mm] Landing-Gear : 1h 20m / 4g
[0.1mm] Missile_Adapter : 1h / 3g
[0.1mm] Sub-Stand : 40m / 3g
[0.1mm] Canopy : 30m / 1.2g
[0.1mm] Landing-Gear_Cover : 30m / 2g
[0.1mm] Tire : 20m / 1g
[0.1mm] GBU-27 : 20m x2 / 1g
[0.1mm] Flap_Joint : 16m / 1g
[0.1mm] Stand_Cover : 11m / 1g
[0.1mm] Pilot’s-Head-Up_Display : 10m / 1g
[0.1mm] Canopy_Detail : 1m / 0.1g
  • sciarref
    2022-08-16 02:16:55

    I'm trying to print the fuselage but the wing support keep coming loose early on the print. Any suggestions what could be wrong. I've already print the wings with no problem as well as other prints. I've tried slowing the print down to 75%.

    2022-08-17 14:19:56

    Your problem is very weak bed adhesion.
    Please check the link below for how to solve this.
    Thank you~

  • btaciano2944
    2022-07-12 12:38:33

    could tell what settings used to print on the ender? I miss this pdf information in your templates.

    2022-08-17 13:59:59

    You can check slicer settings in information page.
    And you can download Cura/Ender settings.
    For downloading Cura/Ender setting, please check this link.
    Thank you~

  • lukesworld11781
    2022-07-11 16:47:56

    i am in no way complaining about the model as i love fab365's models but the fit on this model wasn't as nice as the fit on the f22 raptor model, when all assembled the main fuselage joins on the f117 model is still "wiggly" and leaves reasonably big joins visible im sure with some glue it will be ok but the raptor model all clicked together much better and didnt seem to need any glue for the main fuselage, my constructive criticism would be to maybe improve on this but otherwise its a great model

    2022-07-12 01:08:02

    Tolerance may vary slightly depending on the filament and surrounding environment. If the parts are loose after connecting them, increase the material flow to print and the parts will fit more tightly.
    And according to your advice, we will continue to research new structures that can be tightly connected in any environment.
    thank you!
    PS: I look forward to your print review.

  • tisane
    2022-07-11 00:55:37

    no idea whats going on with this model, its extremley hard to get together right, (had no issues with other models) wings are completley wrong shape, no idea what im supposed to do with "flaps" i have them printing at the moment but have no idea where they are supposed to go.

    at this point model is a complete waste of money and filament.

    2022-07-11 12:57:37

    I think the wing you suppose to break off the support which is at the flap area. then the flap you printed can join them to the wing. the flap got a cut off which is just nice to fit to the jet.

    2022-07-12 01:03:30

    You forgot to remove supports of wings.
    Please check this making video.
    Thank you~

  • mwnance4463
    2022-07-10 04:36:42

    I would love to see an SR-71 also and the U-2
    Started my print today

    2022-07-12 01:09:08

    Could you ask or vote on my request page please?
    And I look forward to your print review~
    Thank you~

  • andrewblock053472
    2022-07-09 12:53:51

    Plane looks great, can't wait to print it. We need more planes on here and an SR-71 Blackbird would be sweet to have.

    2022-07-12 01:10:29

    I look forward to your print review.
    Could you ask or vote on my request page please?
    Thank you~

  • rj3mendez2575
    2022-07-08 14:57:28

    When get we get an F-35 lightning as well? People aren’t voting for it but you know it would sale on your site. Might as well add that Lockheed Martin plane in here too.

    2022-07-12 01:17:07

    It takes a long time to design an airplane, and it is not easy for a beginner 3D printing customer to print it. That's why, it doesn't seem to be gaining much popularity. But I know that I have customers who want more planes, so I'll try to make as many planes as possible.
    So, to all of you, I hope it helps a lot (share reviews, watch and share on YouTube, social media).
    thank you

  • qwerty1234order9065
    2022-07-08 13:20:29

    This is why I love visiting the Fab365 site!

    Always super cool designs. I'm so glad to see you keep expanding your collections and adding new ones!

    Just excellent! Please don't ever stop!

    2022-07-12 01:17:41

    Thank you! I will do my best.
    Please enjoy~

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