Tarantula Spider - print in place articulated

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Pepperbox is leading the business related to 3D printing with the motto “Make colorful the world with 3D printing”. Among 3D printing-related businesses, it stands out in 3D modeling, because it accurately understands 3D printing characteristics and uses them to design various and unique shapes. We reject the commercialization of non-individuality and respect the beauty of numerous diversity. Pepebox will help the world move forward through 3D printing.

This is the second model, the tarantula spider, designed by falling in love with the exoskeleton creature.
I thought it would be easy to use the same joints I used to model the scorpion, but it wasn't.
The shape of the body was different, so I had to adjust the arrangement and size, and as I adjusted the spacing and length, it became the shape of a large spider with a large and thick body, not the tarantula that I initially aimed for.
The long four pairs of legs can move back and forth after assembly, so you can express spider-like poses and movements.
Both 0.1 and 0.2mm thickness can be printed, and depending on the performance of the printer, it may not sit well on the floor, so a support line has been added.
After printing, remove it with a nipper or cutter knife and assemble it.
Basically, all you have to do is turn it back on. You can find out more easily by referring to the video.
You don't need to put the short legs around the mouth if you want them to move. Once installed, it does not come off easily.
Depending on the output option, the assembled part may be loose.
Reinforcement is possible by applying adhesive to the part to be fitted.

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