Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex

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GOODesign is a design studio established in Seoul, Korea by a representative who has been active in product design and 3D CG field for 20 years. As a design company that pursues a reasonable and differentiated digital design, it has always presented a new direction through working with clients such as Hyundai Motor, Siemens Korea and beiersdorf. This time, we have put out the life product for 3D printing by utilizing various technique design based on the shape of the Class-A surface. These products are especially the result of deep research on the 3D printing dominant shape that can not be mass-produced using a mold.

This vehicle was created by a company called Miller-Meteor, which was created through the merger of Wayne Works and Meteor Motor Car Company. These vehicles were used as limousines, hearses, ambulances and other professional vehicles.
In particular, as a limousine, it was often used by many world leaders, rock stars, and high-ranking corporate executives.
Later, it appeared in the movie Ghostbusters as a modified version and became well known.

※ Precautions!!! ※
When assembling the upper and lower body, you must first insert the lower body into the small gap at the bottom of the upper body and then assemble it. If you don't do this, you won't be able to connect your upper and lower body.

Aside from this caveat, the recipe is pretty simple.
Please check out the video!

Printing on Prusa 3D printers and assembling video ➪

Printing onEnder 3 3D printers and assembling video ➪

1 : 38 Scale
Largest part in printing, size = X 107mm, Y 172mm, Z 55mm, After full assembly size= X 57mm, Y 166mm, Z 46mm
Total Build time : 33h 10m / Plastic weight : 127g

File 28.8 MB
Release Date
Average Time
[0.1mm] Cadillac Body : 17h / 67g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Window Frame 2h 30m / 8g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Window : 2h / 8g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Front line : 20m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Headlight : 5m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Taillight Silver : 10m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Taillight Red : 3m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Rear Fender : 15m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Underbody : 9h 30m / 33g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Rear Bumper Plate : 10m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Wheel cap : 15m / 1g
[0.1mm] Cadillac Tire : 1h 30m / 5g
  • timothy.byrne18255
    2023-11-13 04:13:18

    So you use this as the body for Ecto-1?
    Does the add on kit have the logos for the doors?

  • Jose Arias
    2022-12-17 22:43:45

    Buenos días mi nombre
    es Jose <arias ya realice el pago pero no se como descargar el archivo.

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