Knitted Grogu / Baby Yoda Figurine and Ornament

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This is Ivan, I fell in love with 3d printing in 2016 when I bought my first and very crappy 3d printer. Since then, I have been 3d printing non-stop and I taught myself how to 3d model. I have been sharing my designs for years, with a very positive response from the 3d printing community.

Adorable model of Grogu in his crib with a knitted texture all around.

It prints super easy with no supports at all needed and it can be printed in colors.


-Multi parts version, so anybody can enjoy this model in colors even with a regular 3d printer
-Figurine and ornament files that can be easy colored on Bambu Studio or other slicers with the bucket tool
-Simplified models for faster slicing
-Pre configured Factory Files for Bambu Studio, adjust anything you need and press print

No supports needed!

2 Walls, 5% infill and 0.2mm layer height is recommended.

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  • ydkjman8076
    2023-11-29 10:09:56

    You say that this model can be printed with out supports but when I'm slicing the head piece I'm getting 2 parts on the lower part of the ears wanting to print out in space. Won't work with out supports here. Should just update the Information section for those that are printing each part individually, supports will be needed under the ears.

  • jiherge8580
    2023-11-29 00:32:50

    Le modèle est très sympa et s'imprime très bien. Mais une vraie curiosité : le fichier stl des yeux "Knitted Grogu Multiparts - Eyes.stl" fait plus de 150 Mo !!!
    Il est impossible d'en imprimer plus de 4 en même temps car Cura n'arrive pas à découper.
    Il faudrait retravailler le fichier stl et le reposter.

    The model is very nice and prints very well. But a real curiosity: the stl file of the eyes "Knitted Grogu Multiparts - Eyes.stl" is more than 150 MB!!!
    It is impossible to print more than 4 at the same time because Cura cannot cut them.
    The stl file should be reworked and reposted.

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