Glowing Knitted Snowman Lamp for LED Candle

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This is Ivan, I fell in love with 3d printing in 2016 when I bought my first and very crappy 3d printer. Since then, I have been 3d printing non-stop and I taught myself how to 3d model. I have been sharing my designs for years, with a very positive response from the 3d printing community.

"How adorable is this little guy! His body, arms, hat, scarf and even nose have a knitted texture."

This super cute model can be printed in a single color, in multi parts or in one piece in colors using a 3d printer with color capabilities like the Bambu Lab printers.


-Multi parts version for the figurine and ornament models
-Multi parts for the candle version for the figurine and ornament models, fits a candle of up to 40mm in diameter, and lid.
-Easy to paint on any multi color slicer models for the figurine and ornament
-Preconfigured Factory Files for Bambu Studio for the figurine and ornament

Super easy to print as it needs no supports at all, however I recommend using a few supports to print the arms on the multi part version.

I have added new files so the Snowman multi parts can be used with a led candle of up to 40mm. If you need a bigger hole please scale it up.

-2 Walls and 0-6% infill recommended.

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  • dtealdo3511
    2023-11-24 05:12:43

    The model is amazing; however, the only issue I have is when I try to make the hat, whether it's the regular one or the ornament, in both cases, the top part of the top hat comes off. In the ornament version, the round part separates from the hat, as if they are not properly attached

    2023-11-24 21:30:32

    Thank you for Sharing you experience. I hope they reached out to you with a solution.

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