Earn Points for Writing Reviews

You can earn points to use on fab365.net by buying paid designs and posting reviews. Here are the details:

1. Fab365 website: Earn 1 point for each posting a review of a paid design.

2. Public communities or social media: Earn 2 points for each posting a review of a paid design.

   - After posting a review, please send the link of the post to review@fab365.net.

   - It is essential to include a link or hashtag connecting to fab365.net in the post description and comments.

Please keep the following notes in mind when posting reviews:

• Only post reviews for paid designs that you have purchased.

• Do not post a review for multiple designs with one photo.

• Do not post a review multiple times for the same design.

• Do not repost after deleting an existing post.

• Do not post a review using other people's photos.

• Points will be awarded within 7 days after posting a review, but it may take a few extra days depending on our circumstances.

< This policy may change according to our circumstances, and we will inform you of the changes on our homepage or newsletter.>