Print Tips


Problem 1
Living hinge breaking easily.

Fab365 folding design often applies the elasticity of the filament on a living hinge.

Some of our customers say this living hinge breaks easily. We are going to find out how to prevent living hinges from being broken.

  • Cause 01
    Characteristics of Filament

    Fab365 uses filament to test print. Some PLA have almost no elasticity that it is not suitable to print a living hinge. PLA that was not used for a long time and was exposed to air also has less elasticity which results in breaking easily. Clear PLA, even though it's new, mostly has less elasticity and breaks easily.

    To resolve this issue, you have to check if the PLA that you’re using is the right living hinge to use. Try checking it by bending the PLA that you are going to use and see if it breaks. If it breaks, that PLA is not suitable to print a living hinge.

    Solution 1) Use PLA with elasticity.
    Solution 2) After printing is finished, use a hair dryer or a heat gun to heat up the living hinge and soften it, then you can bend it.

  • Cause 02
    Lack of extrusion

    A living hinge has to be printed in the right thickness. If the amount of extrusion is too low, it will tear. If there is too much extrusion, it will break because it is too thick.

    Solution 1) Increase the amount of extrusion or decrease it.

  • Cause 03
    Defect in bridge - bridge is sagging

    Fab365’s folding design is completed by inserting interlocking snap-fit. If these parts are not printed well, it will not be put together. If you give too much force, the living hinge that connects each part will break. Therefore, please check if the holes in the parts that are going to be put together are printed correctly.

    Solution 1) Control the settings related to bridge in slicing.
    Solution 2) Smooth out the sagged part of the bridge after printing is finished.

  • Cause 04
    When the print out is not completely adhered and and corners are floating apart

    If the print out is not completely adhered to the bottom that the edges float, the connecting parts are not going to fit together well. If you give too much force to put connecting parts together, the living hinge, which is relatively weaker, will break.

    Solution 1) Increase the speed of the fan.