Print Tips


Problem 2
Failure to print the moving part and falling apart

Interior of folding parts from Fab365 has a very complex structure. The surface of these moving parts which touches the first layer of the bed usually is smaller than it should be. The surface that touches the bed should be wide enough so the parts do not fall apart. If the surface that touches the bed's not big enough, it will fall apart from the bed while printing. Therefore, you have to be very cautious on adhesion of the bed.

When the leg falls apart due to weak bed/plate adhesion while printing. (See the picture of example below)

  • Solution 01
    Use Raft

    There are some people who really hate to use Raft, but we often use Raft alot for more stabilized printing. With the design of Fab365, which the most part of the first layer is hidden in the inner part, you won’t be able to see any leftover marks of removing Raft. Also, if Raft is sticked to the model and is not easily removable, you can make the air gap of Raft wider to separate them well. Please use Raft with confidence.

  • Solution 02
    Replace the Bed/Plate with strong adhesion.

    There are many good Bed/Plate with strong adhesion recently. PEI bed from “Prusa”, PEX bed from “Whambam Systems” are one of the best Bed/Plates we would like to recommend.