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FAB365 Foldable designs

FAB365's foldable designs minimize the inconveniences of using 3D printers (Waste of material and time spent printing supports, Trace that removed support), and the advantages of 3D printers (complicated shapes that are difficult to make into molds, Inspired by 4D printing, it is a new way of designing.

The Foldable Designs of FAB365, which can be used for multiple movements in one printing, are not simple and the parts are very organized and interlocked. For this reason, there can be different challenges than when printing most designs of one object. However, the difficulty is usually the failure to adjust the 3D printer. FAB365's designs go through various printing experiments on several 3D printers, so if the printer is in good condition, there is no problem printing the FAB365's design.

Slice settings

Many people think that printing will work fine, if you use the slicing settings or profiles that FAB365 uses and ask us to send them. However, using slicing settings or profiles from FAB365 may not produce good results. This is because the slicing settings need to be set differently depending on the climate, materials and shape. Therefore, in areas with different climates or with different filaments, using the slicing settings or profiles used by FAB365 may not produce good results.

Therefore, we will show you how to solve the problems that many customers experience while printing the design of FAB365. Your 3D printer will get even better if you deal with the problems that happen while printing the FAB365's design. And printing of all designs will be improved, not just FAB365 design.