Another impressive model that I am unable to print on my CR-10S Pro

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The model did not print cleanly at all, I had to use a spatula to separate the parts enough to move and then work them over and over to move freely, I had to use such force to assemble to model I was afraid I was going to break it, happily I did not. I downloaded Cura and used the recommended settings at .16, and upscaled 125%, I increased the speeds to match my Simplify 3D Microswiss profile as the S3D ender settings don't work at all with my CR-10S Pro. Print time was 22:51:36 nearly twice your documented time. If you can recommend additional changes or provide setting for S3D and the CR-10S Pro I would appreciate it as I planned to print more of these in various sizes for gifts. Kind Regards, GS

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