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I shot down or captured so many of these during my campaign as a Tie Fighter pilot. Brings back memories. I printed with basic settings (and brim for wings) on my Prusa Mini. I used a Gembird white PLA. The result was excellent. The model is well made and i had no problem removing the little supports from the wings and connect them with the fuselage. It holds perfectly and has perfect contact. I "had" to buy a Loctite with brush and.. well i am very happy with the result. My son loves it. I love that the wings are fully articulated and we can make the shuttle land and takeoff. The pictures.. are representative, there are lightning artefacts visible at the top of the top wing, those are just reflections, the model is great.

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  • fab365

    You also love Star Wars games!
    Thank you for photos and printing experiences with details.
    I'm happy that your son loves my design.
    I hope you enjoy other designs!
    Happy 3D printing!