Love these models. Finally got the tracks to print


I love Fab365. They were my first purchased prints. Started with SpaceX then found the tanks. Using Ender3 V2. Been printing for ~1 year but off and on and not an expert by any means but learning. The tank printed great in eSun PLA+ gray. I sprayed over with spray pain rustoleum gray primer/paint found in the shop and had some 10 year old acrylic paint i was able to pain with terrible brushes. my 4 year old loves it. I have all the tigers, t34-76, and sherman. those will be next.

Tracks. These are the pain. I had previously tried the Sherman but the tracks, i had give up on after many attempts. I was determined finally to figure it out. Days of attempted prints and messing with settings I finally got it to work. Below are my settings for anyone looking at the comments for help like i did so many times. I think the biggest factor was the initial flow and flow % honestly. dont know if Z-hop helped but cant argue results? best of luck to you

Ender 3 V2
eSun PLA+ Grey
0.4mm nozzle
3line skirt
0.1mm height
Top layers 8
Bottom layers 6
20% infill
Grid infill
215c print temp
Build temp 63c
print speed 40mm/s
initial layer speed 20mm/s
retraction 5.2mm
Z hop when retracted enabled
Initial Flow 120%
Flow 110%

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