Such a cool print!


I printed this on my Ender 3v2 in about 21 hours.

I had a failure at first with all the tiny objects touching the plate, so I decided to use a raft and all went well.
Only a tiny bit to trim from the bottom with a razor (because the raft interface is rougher than printing directly to a plate.)

I make little toys to give away to kids in my Wife's elementary school classroom.
One of the kids asked for a blue dragon , so I made this!

It's HUGE and it moves really well. On maybe two of the links, it took some wiggling but the joint freed up.

Thank you for designing this!

Printed with Hatchbox "True Blue" and "True Orange" PLA.
0.3mm Layer Height
100% Size
5% Infill

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  • Greedy fox

    You print for children.
    It's good for me to use it in a good place.
    I will make a lot of good designs in the future.

    Blue Snake~~ It's a favorite color for boys.
    Have fun sharing with your kids!