Fun and detailed model!


I printed it at 150% with Ivory colored PLA. Star Wars ships never seemed white to me, so the Ivory gave it that off-white I was looking for. I've made two of them at this size on my Artillery Sidewinder X1 sliced in Cura at 0.2mm, and both have a problem with one of the top wings. There's a line going horizontally and diagonally across the wing that nearly cuts the wing in half. My first print was salvageable but my second print was not.

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  • fab365

    What brand is the ivory colored filament? I want to buy too!
    Anyway, your print quality is so great!
    Thank you very much for your printing and sharing photos!


    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The brand on Amazon says Enotepad. I've never heard of them but I liked what it looked like on the web site so I ordered it and it's been a very nice PLA. If you look at the base I printed that in white, so you can kind of see the difference.

    I figured out my problem printing the wings also. I used a raft instead of a brim, with a lower air gap of 0.2 instead of 0.3, plus a limited Draft Shield (experimental Cura setting.) My wings were lifting off the build plate after they got about 50% high, and the model would move a bit.