Not good.


Followed all instructions for printing (of which I believe there should be more) and unfortunately, it did not produce good results. Not looking to experiment with multiple prints to get it right and for a model of this price, there should be solid instructions and reliable results. Could not get the 'bowtie' joint to work at all and had to sand down the rectangle connector to fit. Buy with caution.

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  • mgc418

    Looking at your pictures tells me you have work to do on tuning your printer and slicer settings. That’s where the blame lies for your negative results, not the model. I have not printed this particular model but i have printed numerous other models from this site and all have printed wonderfully. But i also have very well tuned printers and profiles.

  • alex.sievewright19513

    id say that is your slicer settings or your machine is not setup correctly definitely not a stl issue