OK, OK, so it's NOT done yet! Waiting for the engine shipping!


OK guys, I haven't built the whole saturn v yet..... but I HAVE unloaded the engines!! LOL

Fork Lift, Containers, Container trailers, etc... in photos... stay tuned for the whole finished project!

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  • fab365

    Hahaha this is a really great set up for the Saturn V. I am loving this!! Please continue and show us the whole process. Thank you for sharing your print with us. We will add 1 point to your account.


    Yessir! I sure will! (My family thinks I am nuts...) I now have well over 100 of your files!!! (and over 50 reviews!!) I wish we could search other users reviews, so when I see some review where the user really does nice work, I could look up other things they have reviewed with photos! Who has the most reviews so far>??