Had a lot of fun to build this great historic model


Overall it was not only the fun to build the Saturn V, it was also great to refresh my memories when I was a child, 6-7 years old in the early 70th, when we saw the Apollo missions on TV at home. Since then, I always followed with big interest the space programms.
I just watched some newer dokumentations of the Apollo program and with the distance in time, it is interesting to see the big impact these space programs had in many ways.

I printed the Saturn V 20% bigger, so the rocket is now approx 94 cm hight. This gave me bit more space to add some details with stickers and paintings on the flag, letters and the build of the landing sceene.
The total print needs net 250 hours and 1Kg of PLA filament with my Ender 3 V2. Time was a bit longer due 0.1mm layer hight and slower printing of some parts to get better quality.

I really hope for a launch gantry model. It would give the rocket an even more impressive look.

THX for the great design.

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  • fab365

    It was really great to see that our models gave you a hint of nostalgia. We hope you had a really good time printing this model. Many users are hoping for a launch gantry, so who knows it might come out! Thank you for sharing your print with us. We will add 1 point to your account. We hope you also try our other space models!


    will defenitely not be the last of you designs I'll print ;-)

  • Rickh52

    Very nice print! You got the SIVB (third stage) correct by not using the red USA text, which makes model much more true to the flown Saturn V. Only the Saturn IB had the USA text in the SIVB.


    Thx a lot. Yes, I tried to be as exact as possible. When I started the print, only the 1st stl-file version of the 3rd stage was available and I printed it with white letters. When the new version came out, I did the 3rd stage again.

    I also changed the black and white colours to opposite on the connection between the 2nd and 3rd stage to match the original as you described it on your good model😉
    I only struggled with the white markings on the service modul. I tried it with decals, but it didn't worked out good enough for me and painting was a risk to me not looking good. You managed it perfectly as I could see, great!