Scooby Snack for the Creator


I love this Mystery Machine model, it has almost no supports (just one in the side winodws on the body) and the way it folds together is brilliant.

I printed it at 125% the original size, so my print is 150mm long, 80mm tall and 80mm wide (roughly)

This is my second Fab365 Model (the Tie Interceptor being the first) and I am very pleased with them, the models are much more reliable than the free ones from many sites, yes you have to pay, but I don't want to waste a potentially hundreds of meters of PLA on a failed model.


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  • fab365

    Thank you for your kindly comment!
    We extensively test print our designs to ensure proper functioning and make necessary edits before launching. This includes printing in varying conditions and inspecting the assembled product multiple times before release. Thank you for understanding our purpose to provide users with the joy of 3D printing with valuable designs.
    Please use more of our designs and leave more reviews. :)