My new favorite 3D print!


I have now printed several of these snakes with no problems. I used a 0.4 nozzle , 0.30 layer height and 5% infill. They are very durable and able to pose in lots of natural looking positions.
I printed one at 75%, 0.20 layer height size also with no problems. I printed one at 50% with a 0.25 nozzle. It looks great, but the last few tail segment joints came apart easily. I glued them on and it was not ruined. I like painting a slit on the eyes for a more lifelike appearance.

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Comments 3

  • jolee18689200

    that looks excellent what filament did you use?

  • Greedy fox

    The snake print came out really well. Looks like a real dragon snake.
    Eye point! I agree too
    If you are paying attention to the expression on your eyes, you are already close to perfect printing.

    50%. Snake, the print quality is really good.
    It's amazing how well it's printed even though it's small.

    Hope you enjoy printing.

  • fab365

    Wow!!! You are master of rainbow silky filament!!!
    And master of 3D printing too.
    Because you succeeded in 75% scale printing!!! Awesome!
    Thank you!