Absolutely a Pleasure to Print!


It was love at first sight for this design; such a neat idea. I'm amazed that this was able to be printed without any supports, however, I did print with a raft just to be safe, as at my settings, it was going to be a 12 hour print. There was virtually nothing to clean up. Bridges and overhangs printed just about flawlessly. Just popped it off the bed, and the hinges moved very well, but, seemed a tiny stiff. Perhaps it was my settings, or my material, however, it feels very sturdy. I can't wait to print more of these awesome designs.

Printed on my customized Creality Ender-5 Pro, with GST3D PLA+ (Orange and Army Green)
E3D V6 mated to an EZR Struder on a DD mount from Fargo3D Printing
Dual duct cooling with dual 5015 blower fans

Settings; Sliced in Cura 4.7.1
Nozzle Temp 200 C
Bed Temp 50 C
Layer Height 0.2 mm
Line Width 0.4 mm
Wall Thickness 0.8 mm
Top/Bottom Layers 0.8 mm
Infill Density 20%
Print Speed 80 mm/sec (Initial Layer 20 mm/sec)
Travel Speed 200 mm/sec
Retraction Distance 1 mm
Retraction Speed 30 mm/sec
Fan Speed 100% (Initial 0%, Maximum Fan Speed at 0.6mm)

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  • fab365

    This design can be printed much more reliably with Raft. <br>
    It will be a good help to many 3D printer users who wish to print this design as you share the detailed settings.<br>
    Thank you very much for sharing your printing experience and photos.
    Happy halloween~