This was not your best


I like your work, and you are a very talented designer.
But this is not your best work at all... and it is your worst i guess.
Why isn't the hole at the bottom?
Could have been printed with very little support on the cheekbones.

With this small amount, let's say that I supported you, since this was a useless model for me that I spent money on.

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  • fab365

    As mentioned in the description, it is important to print this design as thin as possible using the Vase mode printing technique that is only available in FDM among 3D printing techniques. That's why slice settings are important. We went through a lot of trial and error for this setup. If you do not follow even the slightest bit of these settings, your printing will be difficult to complete. For example, if you set a 0.2mm layer, printing will be difficult.
    Note that you cannot create supports in Vase mode. That's why I had no choice but to take this approach.
    Setting up the slices is a bit difficult, but if you succeed, you'll be very surprised to learn that you can even do this with 3D printing.
    If you take a screenshot of your slice setting screen and upload it, we will help you with your setting.
    Happy halloween~