XL AT-ST - 200% scale


I like to print models as large as possible but still keep it at a .15 layer height. I was able to print the AT-ST at 200% and I used my new Prusa Mk4 for the job. I think it turned out awesome. I took it into work to show off to my coworkers, all of whom were nerding out on it.

at-st XL AT-ST
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  • fab365

    Wow! One of the biggest AT-ST I have seen so far. The upscaling was terrific and the print turned out great! No wonder why your coworkers were drooling over your print. Thank you for sharing your print! We will add 1 point to your account.


    Not to make a big deal out of it, but still haven't gotten my point added to my account. Can I get that added? I was hoping to use it towards the SR-71. :)