XL Interceptor


Another great model! It's very well rendered and I really like the texture on the black wing panels. Nice attention to detail! I scaled it up to 225% which made the wings about 10" and the cockpit about 3" in diameter. It still printed great. At that scale, I had to print the wings on my Ender 3 to get the vertical height needed. I printed the cockpit on my Prusa i3. I like the color of the lite gray PLA and I printed the wing panels in a Galaxy Black PLA which I think adds to the texture. Windows in a regular black.

interceptor XL Interceptor
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  • fab365

    Thank you for sharing information about colors and textures. :)
    I think the bigger it 's printed, the better it looks.
    We gave you 1 point as thanks for the review.
    Please keep posting more reviews!