Prints like a charm


Saw the egg on FB, and had to try it out.

Just sliced it, without supports, en pushed the print-button.

Took 8hrs to print. Only 'problem' was the steep overhang, but I put my fans on 100% (instead of 80%), and it performed very well from then on.

Assembles really easy. Just take it of the bed platform, and everything is already loose. Just fold it together and put the cap on, to connect it all together.

It's my second Foldable object, but there will be many more to come.

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Comments 3

  • fanysea

    When I turn off the room light and lie down on the bed, the softness of this light is pretty and the egg pattern is mysterious.

  • trinitron

    Golden color stand is good for yellow egg!!!
    Looks very easy to print~

  • fab365

    Thank you for your impressive printing experience. It will be a great help for many users.
    Please share many experiences in the future ~