Turned out GREAT!!!


This one turned out GREAT... the little slidey things were ....meh.... so I cut them all off and just glued the thing together with thin CA. I printed it at about 150% and I wasn't happy with the stand I found so I made my own. Just like with the Tie Interceptor, I put it on an auction for raise money for my kid's school so they could by a nicer 3D printer and it went for over $100.... Awesome...

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  • fab365

    Hi cptcrusty1,
    We are glad we were able to participate in such a meaningful event. However due to company policy, we are sorry to inform you that our products can only be sold once the user has acquired a license by subscribing to our patreon. Also all of our free items(star wars, etc) are free because we have designed them as a fan art. Therefore, we do not currently own the Ip. While we thank you for sharing our design to the world, due to legal rights problem, we do not recommend you selling them to others. I hope you understand our point of view and we hope you can cooperate with us.

    Fab365 thanks you for enjoying our designs and we will continue to create better designs.

    Thank You