Great Model With A Few Tweaks


This is a very nice model of the Falcon 9.

To make the model a bit more accurate, I made a few tweaks:
1. Reproduced the SpaceX, F9 and flag logos on both sides of the rocket and painted all.
2. Added the small cable channel, which is opposite the large channel on the actual rocket.

To be totally accurate, the F9 should in fact be spelled out, “Falcon” with the 9 below and centered under the text. Otherwise, this is a nice representation of the Falcon 9 and makes a very impressive model.

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  • fab365

    Wow! Your Space X Falcon 9 Rocket is strikingly realistic 😍 That’s an amazing result you’ve reached, congratlations on your stunning spaceX project. We're impressed with your accurate printing process and various information about Falcon!
    Thank you for sharing all these nice pictures.